Internet-Based Account System

Our account-based system allows your customers to maintain a water dispensing account on our server. They may then dispense water from any stand pipe up to the amount present in their account.

The system uses the Internet to communicate with the AquaFlow Int'l server in real time. We offer the option to link the system to a credit card processor so that users can purchase water with their credit card. Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to maintain the customer accounts and generate reports.

System operation details:

After the account number and PIN are entered into the control interface (or the credit card is swiped), the account information is accessed from the server. If sufficient funds are in the account, then the Start button may be pressed. The electric valve is then opened, allowing water to flow. The meter measures the water flow, and sends this information to the control interface. When the user presses the Stop button, the valve is closed and the system then adjusts the value in the customer’s account on the server to reflect the actual amount dispensed, or changes the credit card final sale amount.

The customer may revalue the account via the internet or at the water company office.

Aqua Track Product Sheet (375 Kb)

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