AquaFlow Int'l, Inc. specializes in "Truck Bulk Water Loading Stations" and "Septic Truck Unloading Stations". If you need us to retro fit into your existing system, or a complete turnkey system from the slab up, AquaFlow Int'l, Inc. is the company to talk to about your needs.

Here is why you should talk with us about our bulk water payment systems:

1. Our Internet based AquaTrack© system is WEB BASED. No computers to purchase and maintain for the database and services. NO SOFTWARE needed to access the system by your staff. Payment Portal available for 24/7 payments by your customers. EMAILED RECEIPTS available for each purchase of water.

2. The AquaFlow II© card-based system is completely sealed. No slot to clean. Uses advanced RFID TECHNOLOGY. Cards are encrypted for UNMATCHED SECURITY. No communication with the loading site required.

Bulk water truck fill loading stations, are what AquaFlow Int'l, Inc. specializes in. Getting paid for your bulk water sales should be simple and secure. Whether you are looking for truck fill stations for potable water, construction bulk water stands, or truck fill stations for oil fracking water, we offer many solutions to help minimize the headaches of getting your customer to pay you for your service of providing bulk water. Please view our site and call us with any questions. We look forward to helping you, and thanks for looking us up on the web.

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