Internet-Based Account System

The AquaTrack System is the most hands-free truck-fill station system available today. With the AquaTrack System, the account holds the value or credit limit and each account can have as many members as required, drawing from that account. Each member has their own member number and PIN.  Using these numeric tools, members may dispense water from any of your companies' stand pipes up to the value or credit limit assigned to their member number and PIN out of the company account.

The system uses the Internet to communicate with the AquaFlow Int'l cloud-based server in real time. We offer the use of our payment portal ( without additional portal usage fees. Using the payment portal, your clients may use their credit card to add value to their bulk water account any time of the night or day.

Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to maintain your customer accounts and generate reports.

System operation details:

Member account information is accessed from the server via keying a member number and PIN into the control interface. If sufficient funds or credit are available for the member account, the member will have the option to either key in the volume of water desired and press "Enter" or press the green "Start" button. The electric valve opens, allowing water to flow. The flow sensor measures the water volume and sends this information to the control interface. When the user presses the red "Stop" button (or the volume amount entered is reached), the valve is closed and the system finalizes the sale. AquaTrack adjusts the value in the customer's account on the server to reflect the actual amount dispensed and resets for the next customer.

The customer may revalue the account either via our payment portal ( if allowed by the water company) or at the water company office.

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Credit Card Reader

AquaTrack Internet/Cloud Based User Guide

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