DCU/Direct Control Unit

Direct Control Units (DCUs) are designed to be used with overhead multi-lane systems which are commonly used in the Middle East and surrounding areas. In a typical 8-bay loading station, all bays are fed by a single 10” - 16” overhead pipe and each bay has a 3” or 4” drop feed to fill the tank. All controls are housed in a stainless steel box (24” x 18” x 14” for a 3” drop). A custom interface is integrated into the box and hung from the drop feeds. The customer operates the DCU from the top of the truck where the remaining account balance can be reviewed. A separate, unattended revalue station allows customers to obtain receipts for past purchases and to add money to their accounts. The revalue station can be enabled to accept currency or credit cards.

The DCU system offers several advantages over traditional systems. This is the kind of reliability you can count on from our systems:

  • The only sealed system: no card slots to clean.
  • Computer processors are designed to operate in extreme heat and cold.
  • No moving parts in the card readers or “heads” to wear out. The only moving parts are the meter and valve.
  • Transaction cards are rated at 500,000 uses. At 20 transactions per day, the card will last over 60 years.

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