QuarterMaster System

The bulk water "QuarterMaster" system is a true volume-based system. The system can use quarters/coins/tokens. The minimum number of quarters/coins/tokens to actuate the system is set and the volume to be received for each additional quarters/coins/tokens is set. The system can be programmed for any unit of measurement. Each transaction is logged. The system logs the date and time, the number of quarters/coins/tokens inserted, and the volume of water received by the user.

System operation details:

The customer must drop the minimum number of coins into the system before the water will start to flow. The QuarterMaster system verifies and counts each quarters/coins/tokens as it is inserted. The screen shows the number of quarters/coins/tokens deposited and the volume amount able to be dispensed. The customer can continue to feed the system quarters/coins/tokens until it is able to dispense the volume desired. The customer pushes the "Green" button to "start" the water flowing. If the customer has multiple tanks, he/she can press the "Yellow" button to "pause" water flow while switching tanks. No loss of water occurs during the "Pause" process. The customer has ninety seconds to hit the "Green" button which will continue the flow. The "Red" button "stops" the flow and finishes the transaction at any point. While the system is running, the customer can add more quarters/coins/tokens which will add value to that sale without the customer having to meet the minimum coin deposit again. Once the system reaches a zero volume available, or the "Red" stop button is pushed, the system will again require the minimum count of coins to start the water flow.

QuarterMaster System User Guide

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