The AquaVendor System is a hybrid system utilizing both RFID cards to run the water loading stations and the internet to re-value an onsite manager's card. The onsite manager can then transfer value from the manager card to the customer's cards. This system is ideal for manned water stations where the water company's office is not convenient for the manager to visit there to get more funds revalued onto the manager card.

The AquaVendor System has been implemented in South America and Africa. The long distances between village water stations and the water copany's offices make this system perfect for the local situation.

The AquaVendor "AV" System is designed to allow a remote water company office to operate distant water loading stations with the use of an onsite manager(s) for the site(s). The site manager has a RFID card that holds value which he is able to transfer to the customer cards as required. The site manager's card can be re-loaded by the office over the internet and the manager can then access, or update, his card with the new value from the site. The customers' use a pre-paid card to access the loading station to receive water. When they deplete the value on their card, they pay the site manager to add more value to their card. All transactions are logged at the site and the logs are sent up to the water company's office via email.

The AV system uses a cell-based router to provide the communication.

Multiple site managers can be used to man the loading station with each using his own card and PIN. All transactions are tracked by site manager #, time, date, customer, and values transferred. Customer cards are numbered and the customers' choose a 4-digit pin to use for their card.

The customer interface can control up to three electronic valves. A 25mm small outlet can be added for filling Jerry cans or smaller containers and a 80mm connection for filling bigger trucks. The customer can choose the exit port on the screen that he wants to use. The customer interface uses very little power so that solar power is an option for running the station, depending on the other power requirements. (i.e. valves, pumps, lights, ...)

AquaVendor System User Guide

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