AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. was started in 2011 by Jonathan (Jon) M. Keller.

Initially, Jon started a company he named WaterProducts.Net, Inc. in 1998 to service water companies in the southwestern USA. WaterProducts.Net had a magnetic strip card system that many water companies used at that time. In 2009, Jon started working on a replacement system using more modern technologies due to an end-of-life notice from the card reader manufacturer. It quickly became apparent that a single solution would not be found for every situation. Subsequently, Jon opened AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. in order to offer three newly designed basic systems for use in any situation the customer may encounter.

Jon closed WaterProducts.Net, Inc. on March 31, 2012, and all operations immediately began to "flow" through AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. As of 2012, AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. has 100's of stands in operation throughout the USA and overseas.

AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. manufactures its own parts in Flagstaff, Arizona, and its systems meet the requirements of the “Made in America” Act in place for most federal money. AquaFlow Int’l, Inc. also complies with the Davis Bacon Wage Act.

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